Peter Culley and Spatial Affairs Bureau feature in Soho House magazine Soho House 'House Notes'

February 27th, 2022

Peter Culley photographed by Lydia Wilks

In their ‘Get to Know’ section, international high profile members club, Soho House’ features Peter Culley and Spatial Affairs Bureau in a intelligently prepared article by Ollie Horne with photo shoot by Lydia Wilks in our Bouverie Mews project for Rana Begum. One of the themes covers the difference between the wider audience and the importance of tone in public projects versus private homes.

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Bouverie Mews Cover Story Architect's Journal

May 25th, 2021

Front Cover AJ May 2021 Edition

“One gets the sense this has been a project with which Culley has enjoyed exploring his own architectural voice. This sense of the scheme’s ‘character’ is not something Culley casts only in anthropomorphic terms, describing it both as ‘animalistic’ and ‘like an animal sitting here’. The faceting of its façade does indeed seem to flex and pull the building’s form like sinews…

“It’s difficult to summarise the experience of this live-work project. It’s an architecture of narrative, movement and slippage of space but also of set-piece spatial moments and caught views out. As a project, it’s deceptive, having both a cragginess and softness to its architecture.” Rob Wilson, AJ Features Editor

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