Peter Culley reflects on travel to Rotterdam - What We’ve Missed Eurostar Onboard Magazine

February 10th, 2021

Creatives and thought-leaders were asked what they are looking forward to being able to do again in which cities when lockdown restrictions lift, partly in response to the new direct service from London to Amsterdam. The service goes onward to Rotterdam and Peter gave these thoughts about the bicycle city:

Spatial Affairs Bureau
founder / fondateur
I’ve missed cycling around the
city’s dedicated cycle lanes. Plus
as an architect it’s a great way
to see all the dramatic new
buildings, like Centraal Station,
that Eurostar will be bringing
me into, and some beautiful
older ones, such as the Art
Nouveau Hotel New York and
Witte Huis. / Sillonner les belles
pistes cyclables de la ville me
manque. Et, pour un architecte
comme moi, c’est un super
moyen de découvrir une
multitude de nouveaux
bâtiments impressionnants,
comme la gare Centraal par
laquelle j’arrive en Eurostar,
mais aussi d’autres, plus
anciens, comme l’hôtel New
York et la Witte Huis de style
Art nouveau