Peter Culley to present BridgePark plans at Richmond’s Mobelux

November 7th, 2018: Richmond VA

Peter Culley and BridgePark president, Ted Elmore, will present the recently completed updated BridgePark plans.

Buy tickets for the event to benefit the project here

Spatial Affairs profiled in Architect’s Newspaper

October 31st, 2018: New York

To read the article on Architect's Newspaper's website, follow this link

"Spatial Affairs pursues an intellectually nimble practice by pushing project constraints toward broad ends that encompass everything from 'interior landscapes' to urban-scaled configurations... It does so in an effort to create layered material and historic...

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Peter Culley on Monocle 24

October 3rd, 2018: London

Peter Culley spoke on Monocle's morning show, The Globalist, to the wonderful Georgina Godwin about challenges and opportunities facing `Second Tier' cities, adding his experiences from working at a city scale in places like Memphis, Tennessee; Richmond Virginia; and Birmingham UK.

Peter Culley on Convo by Design

September 12th, 2018: Los Angeles

As part of the Los Angeles Design Festival, Peter Culley was interviewed by Josh Cooperman for his design-related podcast. The discussion ranged from an individual's place in the workplace world, to the relationships of `non-imperial' cities like Los Angeles and Memphis Tennessee.

Click here to reach the podcast which also features a...

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BridgePark feature project in Architect’s Newspaper

September 11th, 2018: Richmond VA

Thank you to Architect's Newspaper for featuring the Richmond BridgePark project so prominently today.

To read the article, click here

First Exhibit in new Crosstown Arts Galleries

November 12th, 2017: Memphis, TN

The opening of Art/Race/Violence: A Collaborative Response marks the first exhibit inside the new Crosstown Arts galleries in the massive Crosstown Concourse building in Memphis, TN.

Other spaces within the complex will be gradually rolled out between now and February 2018.

For a link to the exhibit on Crosstown Arts' website, follow this...

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First Concert at the Crosstown Arts Informal Performance Space

November 10th, 2017: Memphis, TN

The first public event in the Crosstown Arts space tonight was The Music of Phineas Newborn and Calvin Newborn: Memphis Legends, featuring Gerard Harris (guitar), Alvie Givhan (piano), Sylvester Sample (acoustic bass), and Renardo Ward (drums) as part of the brilliant Strictly Jazz series. It was performed at the Informal Performance...

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Peter Culley in WUHO group show

September 9th, 2017: Hollywood, CA

Peter Culley's work: "WHY BRAD SAID GOODBYE... studio still from The Double Cube Semi-Reflective Banqueting Room for a Ubiquitous Celebrity" is featured in A 5th Ecology curated by Berenika Boberska and Scrap Marshall, opening tonight at WUHO.

The show invites over 25 architects, artists and designers to explore ways in which Reyner...

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THE ROLLOVER at 333     Saturday May 27th 8pm ...

May 24th, 2017: Los Angeles

It's party time

this is where you'll find us... CLICK CLICK

New Crosstown Theater Video Uploaded

April 21st, 2017: Memphis, TN

The Crosstown theater is now on site. Spatial Affairs has put this video together as we move towards color choices. The large wood acoustic panels are being made by Crosstown Arts in their new shared art making workshop.

Follow this link to see the movie.

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