S/H/O/O/K The Edible Earthquake pyramid food pantry revealed at Barnsdale Park UNESCO site

October 5th, 2019: Barnsdale Park UNESCO site, Los Angeles

As part of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs' triennial 'LA:CURRENTS', Art and Food, Los Angeles Eats Itself has today installed a 28-day fermenting food pyramid that will be opened at the end of the month for a 'survivalist dinner'. Peter Culley assisted artists Jason Keller and Tony Banuelos with the design and planning for the installation. Throughout the month, workshops will be given at the pantry by various MRE (meal ready-to eat) artists around the art and food subject. For more information on the wider concepts and themes behind the project follow this link For more details on the Los Angeles Eats Itself LA-history themed critical food events, follow this link