S/H/O/O/K The Edible Earthquake ‘Survivalist Supper’ completes month-long LA:Currents exhibit

October 26th, 2019: Barnsdale Park UNESCO site, Los Angeles

For the end of the LA: Currents triennial 'Art and Food', the food pantry has been mined for its fermented contents and served up on the triangular red panels that made up the structural inner layer of the food pyramid. Tens of 'survivalist' diners / 'survivalists' dressed in silver capes for a menu that included dishes from MRE (Meal Ready-to Eat) artists Tony Banuelos, David Anthony David and Jessica Wang. Peter Culley joined artists Jason Keller and Tony Banuelos to lead the project for Los Angeles Eats Itself at LA:Currents. To see the full description of the Edible Earthquake project follow this link To find out more about Jason Keller's Los Angeles Eats Itself critical food installations follow this link