Richmond BridgePark “What If?” Print Series

  • 1/ Bullseye for Brown's Island

  • 1/ Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

  • 1/ James’ Segue

  • 1/ New Link

  • 1/ Pondskater, Shapeshifter

  • 1/ A View to the Past

  • 1/ Postcard images

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Imagining is an obvious-sounding but sometimes overlooked component of design. These prints take moments of the BridgePark Ideas Study and through pattern and abstract geometries transport us to other lands to think and reflect.

These six prints form a limited edition set and are a collaboration between Spatial Affairs team members Peter Culley, Isaac Currey and Andrew Montgomery. They can also be purchased as set of postcards.

To inquire about purchasing prints or postcards, contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)