London Kitchen Garden

  • 1/ Garden rooms

  • 1/ From the dining room

  • 1/ Detail of the cement terrazzo counter

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This small east London garden is stretched to its maximum both in terms of perception of space and also practical use. Largely container grown plants are placed to create sequences of spaces and intimate areas despite the overall limitations in scale.

The entire perimeter of the space is clad in dark-stained sustainable grown cedar shingles, that also wrap the studio across the courtyard. A cut-out in the terrazzo counter allows seasonally changing planting to spill out over the counter, which is largely used to raise a bonsai collection up into the sun.

Insulated stainless steel cabinets allow vegetable storage throughout the year as overspill from the kitchen and also for food and drink at outdoor summer parties. Each of the shingle panels beneath the counter pivot open to provide much-needed additional storage.