Peter Culley headline presenter at Joan Oats Institute for Partners in the Arts

June 26th, 2016: University Of Richmond

The Joan Oates Institute (JOI) for Partners in the Arts prepares individual or teams of PreK-12 teachers of all subject areas to develop lesson and unit plans for integrating the arts into their classrooms.

For twenty-two years PIA has held a summer institute for regional educators. In 2011, the institute was endowed by founder Joan Olmsted Oates, and became the Joan Oates Institute.

Since 1994, when Partners in the Arts was founded, its mission has been to provide training and resources in arts integration for PreK-12 educators. Arts integration is defined in PIA’s original arts-in-education plan as teaching all curricular content through the arts. PIA serves educators looking to transform the way they teach, by engaging and empowering them to use their passions in the classroom, and to model learning practices for their students.

Peter Culley will present the BridgePark project and lead a hands-on workshop ‘learning through making’ where educators will put themselves in their students’ seats.

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