consulting teams

site plan for the Sears Concept Study that became the Crosstown Concourse project with multiple team members across many disciplines

Any project is only as good as its larger team, and we find working within a group of diverse experts one of the most satisfying aspects of our practice.

Typically, the architect leads the team, though other disciplines can be the prime consultant if the type of project suggests it. Because we work in wide-ranging locations, we also are used to working with other architects well versed in local conditions who bring a set of invaluable relationships and unique cultural perspectives.

On most projects the basic team will include Spatial Affairs Bureau, a structural engineer and a mechanical / electrical / plumbing engineer. Other consultants that may be necessary or useful to include within the team depending on uses and complexity include acoustic, fire safety, food services, specialist glazing and / or façade, code expediting, estimating and project management.

When a project moves towards the construction stage, Spatial Affairs Bureau will take part in the selection of a contractor and provide commentary on contractor teams being considered in terms of appropriateness for the project, understood track record, quality of execution, proximity to project site and overall impression. On larger projects a Project Manager or Quantity Surveyor may be tasked specifically with providing contractor options for wider team review.

                                                              a typical project organizational diagram (client advisor optional dependent on project size)


The following is a list of links to consultants that Spatial Affairs Bureau has worked with across various projects.

1708 Gallery

Ehrlich Group
Buro Happold
Constant Design
Craig Philips Engineering and Design
David Lindsey
Davis Langdon
Fisher and Associates
Kempton Smith
Kimberlina Whettam and Associates
Gardiner and Theobald (USA)
Max Fordham and Partners
Price and Myers
Syska Hennessy Group
Structure Workshop
Theater Project Consultants

For some projects, fabrication of components or products is important and we have worked with the following organizations:

Taidgh O’Neil Design
Bruin Design
Charles Yaeger Design
Daniel Rickey Furniture